Session 11 Assmt: Skill Building

April 2, 2009


3. Skill Building: Emotional Intelligence and Balance. Online Survey.


  1. Review the Emotional Intelligence Article and PPT



  1. Take the test at the following link, click “do it” at bottom left of link


  1. Read the write ups (Keirsey and Heiss) and blog about your agreement or disagreement with the classification. Start your post with the 4 letter type. Give a specific example of how at least one of the traits manifests in your life.

EXTRA CREDIT: “Try on” a new or desired behavior mentioned in the emotional intelligence PPT. Blog about your experience. TITLE it “EXTRA CREDIT” and send the link to Professor Frey.

PART 2 Exercise: “Getting to 10.”

Complete the following balance exercise and blog as part 2 of your post.  1 is the lowest, and 5 is the highest.

  1. Rate your level of professional/academic drive from 1 to 5 (e.g., desire to do well in school, pursue a career, have positive power/influence)
  2. Rate your level of expectations for your personal life from 1 to 5 (e.g. pursuing personal interests; role as daughter, partner/spouse, etc)
  3. Rate your ability to balance the two arenas from 1-5.
  4. Then, double your score (e.g., 4 = 8)
  5. Blog about the #1 thing you think you could do to “get to 10.” If you are at 10, blog about the number one thing that allows you to be there. Start the comment for Part 2 with “BALANCE SCORE: _____(number)”





    GETTING TO A 10!!
    – Professional/academic drive = 3
    – Expectations of personal life = 4
    – Ability to balance them = 3.5
    Balance score = 7

    I think that my score is a 7 because I really put a lot more importance on my personal life rather than my academic one. While I still believe that academics is important, I think that it can really only get you so far in terms of having a happy and full life. So I do feel that in terms of balancing this two, I’m where I should be, but at the same time, I want to raise my score for my professional/academic drive, and my expectations of personal life. I think I can care more about my personal life, but still do better in both sections.

  2. ISFJ: I mostly agree with the analysis done by Keirsey and Heiss. The only major description that does not apply to me is that some people who are ISFJ type are unwilling to take credit for their work and let people walk all over them. I guess this would be the extreme case of people with similar personalities to mine. I am pretty strong willed and have no problem standing up for myself.
    The Heiss analysis described me perfectly when saying that ISFJ people are family oriented with high work ethic. In my student case for the HotMamma’s project, I described myself this way exactly. In my first two years of college, I often felt conflicted between being a student/ athlete here at GW, and not ever having the time off to see my family and friends. These interpersonal relationships are important to me, but I find it difficult to prioritize socializing over my school work and other responsibilities. I often feel like I am letting people down because I spend so much time focusing on the tasks at hand. Each year I get a little better at this, and if I keep working at it I will eventually find the perfect balance… for right now though, I’m only a 6 out of 10.

    BALANCE SCORE: 6 I guess the #1 thing I could do to become a 10/10 is to purposely make time for my personal life the same way I make time for my academic and career ambitions. Fostering my personal relationships can be just as critical to my success as the time I spend doing school work and looking for entrepreneurial opportunities. If I start thinking about things in this way, it could help me find the balance that I’ve been looking for.

  3. 1.
    I found I agree with Keirsey and Heiss ‘s analysis. While discussing Providers, Keirsey explains that they take it upon themselves to take care of people. They also work well within teams and are extremely gregarious. I can definitely see some of these traits in myself. I am also very much concerned with my personal growth and development which I have in common with the Idealists. I have the least in common with Rationals and Artisans. Heiss’s article about ESFJ was also extremely interesting. I really agree that “Strong, contradictory forces consume the ESFJ. Their sense of right and wrong wrestles with an overwhelming rescuing, “mothering” drive.” I can definitely relate to this statement. Sometimes it’s really hard to make a decision when your head and heart are disagreeing.

    DOUBLE: 9
    I make a real effort to balance my work and personal life. I work over 30 hours a week and go to school for 15 which makes for a pretty busy schedule. I talk to my mom every day and fly back and forth to London to see my finance. To get a 10 I could make an effort to stay in touch with family more. I could do this by emailing siblings or calling once a week.

  4. Part I: ISTJ
    I recently took the Myers Briggs personality test and received the same type: Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging. My type description is inspector. I agree with many aspects of the description. I do see myself as being very orderly, very timely, a rule-follower and dependable. I have actually been looking for summer internships doing inspection/compliance type work within government departments. The description that “their home and work environments are usually neat, orderly, and traditional” definitely describes me. Although the description also states that persons with this personality “prefer the old-fashioned to the newfangled every time,” I do not see myself as this. I do not always prefer the old fashioned and sometimes I do like to change things up a bit. I do find myself expecting things to be kept up to standards. I usually do not hesitate to give reviews of services/products I receive and usually do. The last time I went to cheesecake factory, the cake I ordered was not what I was expecting. Afterwards, I went to their website and wrote a comment about it (the manager eventually called me and sent me a gift card).

    BALANCE SCORE: 10 Part II:
    1. 4
    2. 5
    3. 5
    4. 10
    The number one thing that allows me to be at a ten is my ability to persevere and the high expectations I have set for myself. Even if a get a 95, I look for ways in which I could have had a 100. I am not an utter perfectionist, but I do like to use whatever capability is given to me to my advantage and to the best of my ability.

  5. Part 1: I am ENFJ
    According to Keirsy, am a teacher, I agree with all the descriptions that she gave in terms of me being personable, caring for people, extroverted, etc. The only aspect that I do not agree is that I like to speak in public. That is not true at all! Speaking in public makes me so nervous that I feel sick.
    According Heiss/Butt, I am also a teacher of humanity with a lot of charisma and power to influence people in a positive way. Also, I should like taking multitasking and juggling many things, which is so no true! I hate the uncertainty of not having control over things.
    Overall, I think they are right, but there are some inaccurate predictions. For instance, I do care for others, but right now, I am in such selfish mode, which does not match the description.

    Part 2: 8; 10; 6;
    Balance score (6): It is at a six because I am away from my family, and since school is so difficult for me, I don’t get much time left to enjoy people around me and make friends. I think that once I start working, I will be able to go home and enjoy my family because I won’t have homework:)
    Career (8): My career score is an 8 because I have been studying for so long know that all I want is to finish school. I feel trapped! Again, I think that once I am done with GW, I will be able to enjoy life better, bringing my passion back to surface.
    Family: I truly think that family is the most important thing in the world. I am giving an exception right now because I am away from home, but I know that I am making them proud. When I build my own family, I do want to work, but I do not believe in having children if they are going to be raised by others. Family is essential to me, and I truly value it.

  6. ESFJ – Extraverted (78) Sensing (12) Feeling (75) Judging (11)
    This felt like when somebody tells you your fortune and to prove they have ‘powers’ they tell you about yourself, and you’re always so shocked at how well they got the concept of ‘you’ down! Reading the responses from Keirsey and Heiss was shocking to say the least! From Keirsey, “they’re extremely sensitive to the feelings of others…which also leaves them somewhat self-conscious, that is, highly sensitive to what others think of them.” This is SO true! This whole passage was talking about ME! Even Heiss went onto talk about the contradictions ESFJs often have, they’re very caring and accepting of others, but assume that others are not of them, and are therefore easily wounded. We “wear our heart on our sleeves”. I really think this is the main thing that stands out in my life. I tend to think that everybody has expectations of me that far outreach those I have for others. Even if I get along with somebody really well, I sometimes think that they don’t get along with me as much, and judge their every movement to find out what it is about me they’re not fascinated with. And I am definitely a walking contradiction in the sense that all my relatively close friends see me as this super bubbly, carefree person, but my best friends know that I can be on top of the world one moment, and then really upset by something small the next!

  7. EXTRA CREDIT – Heather Barnes
    I wanted to try on the “Openness to Change” component under Self-Management. I’m generally too trustworthy of people, and if I know I’m being put into an ambiguous situation, I’m prepared for it, but the thing I always had trouble dealing with, was changing my plans once they’ve been made. I definitely live and die by my day planner; I lost it once for a few days, not only did I not know where to go or what work I had to do, I swear I was starting to forget my name, who my friends were, etc.! I really wanted to work on being able to adjust better and just overcome changing situations. This past weekend, I had plans on Friday to meet up for a group project and that night was my friend’s birthday party, Saturday morning was the cherry blossom parade then I was going to study math the rest of the day, then Sunday was a charity pancake breakfast at 10, then ‘Dodge ball for Darfur’ at 2, then math again with the same group of people at 3. Phew! Finished that sentence, anyways, let’s just say pretty much nothing went according to my schedule, and I was starting to freak out, but instead, I stayed in touch with people, re organized my weekend, and tried to maximize the value of my time. I ended up having a great time at all the events, and I even had some spare time on the sides to slow down! I tend to over-pack my weekend schedule so that everything is back to back, but because things didn’t go ‘right’, I ended up less stressed about it all! So I’m hoping I can try and rely less on being ‘OCD’ precise, and just chill a bit more!

  8. 1. ENFJ

    The personality analysis described my personality as a Teacher, part of the Idealist group. I agree with many aspects of the description. I am outgoing, comfortable speaking and communicating, and in speaking out. I also like to make plans ahead of time. However, I never thought of myself as a teacher at least in the traditional sense. I’ve never really taught or tutored, but I do enjoy giving presentations and working in teams, so I can see how the traits are useful in these situations.

    2. Balance Score: 10
    1-5; 2-5; 3-5.
    THe number one thing that allows me to be at a 10 is that I am able to balance my personal and professional lives. I believe that balance is the most important thing to have to stay happy, so I constantly pursue it and am not hesitant to limit either personal or professional obligations in order to find balance.

  9. Part 1
    My type was ENTJ. I found the classifications to be extremely interesting. While some of the statements and characteristics of each type seemed like broad generalizations, I agree for the most part with the qualities that were grouped together. My classification was pretty accurate as an ENTJ, even though I had never really thought of myself in this way before. The description talked about the organizing skills and goal-oriented nature of those who fall into the ENTJ category, which definitely resonated with me. As I have mentioned in class, I constantly make lists, update my calendar, and use post it notes to keep my life in order. The overview mentions that ENTJ’s “simply find themselves in charge of groups, and are mystified as to how this happened. But the reason is that they have a strong natural urge to give structure and direction wherever they are.” When thinking about this, I realized it applies to my life; for group projects, I tend to be the one who ends up delegating and assigning people to different tasks. It also states that ENTJ’s “root out and reject ineffectiveness and inefficiency, and are impatient with repetition of error.” I am definitely impatient with error and I always try to do things in the most efficient manner possible in all aspects of my life, from school work to giving driving directions.

    Part 2
    Balance Score: 6
    Professional drive: 4
    Personal expectations: 3
    Balance: 3
    I think my professional drive tends takes priority over my personal life. I try not to let my professional and academic concerns get in the way of my personal life, but I often find myself worrying about my work when I am supposed to be relaxing and taking break. I have a constant need to be active and feel productive, so I think that the number one thing I need to do to get to a 10 is to realize that leisure time is just as important as the fulfilling responsibilities. If I don’t make this time for myself and enjoy my personal life, I will not be able to accomplish my professional and academic obligations to the best of my ability.

  10. 1. ENFJ
    I mostly agree with the Keirsey and Heiss analysis. I have taken the Myers-Briggs tests before and I am always extroverted, feeling, and judging, but I am generally split evenly between intuitive and sensing. In this test, I came out as intuitive. I wouldn’t necessarily agree with Heiss’ analysis that I am a master manipulator. Although I can find ways to sell, I definitely find that to be a challenge and wouldn’t classify myself as one who would be able to convince others more easily than my peers. I do always try to accommodate everyone, just like both Heiss and Keirsey point out, and although I am not afraid of public speaking, I’m not sure I agree with Keirsey’s assessment that I am a charismatic and that I can influence others to such a degree. However, especially with my past experience with Myers-Briggs, I know that ENFJ or ESFJ most accurately describe me.

    2. BALANCE SCORE = 9
    Professional/Academic Drive: 4.5
    Personal Life: 5
    Ability to Balance: 4.5

    There’s only one reason that I don’t put myself at a balance score of 10: I have the tendency to take on too much in both arenas. When I do that, I am less able to handle either side and therefore the balance gets thrown one way or the other. Less than two years ago, I would have described my professional/academic drive at a 5. However, I have recently had some experiences that taught me to put more effort into my personal life, my relationships, and myself, because I won’t be able to be happy otherwise. In order to get to a balance score of 10, I really just need to learn how to not take on too many projects. I am steadily working on this and I have absolutely gotten better!

  11. EXTRA CREDIT – Lindsey Rosenthal
    I wanted to try on organizational commitment. This is something that I normally don’t have a problem with, but over the last few months, my life has become overwhelmingly busy and stressful, and I haven’t been to concentrate as effectively as I need to get things done. I worked on this behavior more as a goal for myself than in relating to others. I decided the best way to manage myself and take care of my responsibilities in a timely and effective manner was by avoiding procrastination, one of my worst flaws. At work I began to worry less about answering emails immediately, and starting projects as soon as I got them. I still did other things as I would have previously throughout the day, I just made the effort to start sooner on all of my projects. As it turned out, I was able to finish them quickly and move on to the next one. I also tried this with my school work — I started bringing my laptop with me every day to work on my Metro ride in and at lunch. I did get a little further ahead of my assignments than I would have previously. However, none of these efforts alleviated the stress of my workload in the way that I was hoping. I still feel overwhelmed right now, even with pushing myself to get things done earlier. I think the difference may be somewhere in the middle — learning how to balance completing the work and taking the time out that I need to relax in between. I’m still working to achieve this, and I have a feeling it will be a constant struggle to have the proper balance to alleviate stress from my life.

  12. 1. ENTJ- I am a “Fieldmarshal” and have been rated as extremely extroverted and prone to leadership positions and being very organized and structured. The website specifically assesses the ENTJ personality as having a strong natural urge to give structure and direction wherever they are – to harness people in the field and to direct them to achieve distant goals. They resemble Supervisors in their tendency to establish plans for a task, enterprise, or organization, but Fieldmarshals search more for policy and goals than for regulations and procedures. I agree strongly with this as I have jumped in to many difficult leadership positions throughout my life. I tend to look for something that will give me valuable experience, rather than pursue a role I already have experience with. Specifically, during the end of my pledge period, I was able to be nominated for a position in my sorority and partook in the election process. I had no experience with the sorority’s philanthropy but believed I had great innovative ideas and could be a valuable asset as the new VP Philanthropy. I ended up winning the election and helped my sorority raise $14,000 and organized many new fundraising events.

    Level of professional/academic drive: 5
    Level of expectations for your personal life: 3
    Ability to balance the two arenas: 4
    My balance score is an 8 because I think there’s more room for me to balance my life with my family. I have an extremely difficult time getting along with certain members of my immediate family and I think that hinders my ability to balance the two arenas. I tend to keep the two very separate but still make time for both in my life. To improve this I could utilize my family more with helping me with my professional interests and maintain better contact with them. In terms of the other aspects of my personal life such as my boyfriend and close friends–these individuals are all very close to me and I can balance them in my life well.

  13. ENFJ – The assessment said that I was a moderately expressed extravert, distinctively expressed intuitive personality, slightly expressed feeling personality and an expressed judging personality. I agree with the first three statements but I don’t think I am a very judgmental person. However, when I clicked on the Jung Career indicator it said that I would be good at counseling, education and psychology. Which is interesting because I used to work in education, which is like a form of counseling, and I was a psychology major in college, so maybe the test does have some clout? It also stated that the famous people that are my same type are Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, Nick Nolte, Tony Blair. I think those are all noteworthy people.

    Balance Score 10: The reason I am at a 10 is because I have a strong drive to be happy and successful in both my personal life and my professional life. I feel my husband and I have a strong bond and continue to make each other happy everyday (we might still be in the honeymoon phase ). Professionally, I am striving to be the best that I can be and looking for the career that will help me achieve this goal.

  14. 1. ENFP–I definitely agree with the Kiersey and Heiss analysis. Emotional experiences are very vital to my life, I am very bubbly and strive for others to like me. I like to tell everyone I know about the experiences I have. I have a wide range of personal relationships (I am even on a first name basis with the barista at Starbucks; I even know her son’s age and name and what he looks like). My confidence in the goodness of life and the nature of human nature makes good things happen. I am very optimistic about my life and rarely think of the negative. This does get me into trouble sometimes though as I tend to be naive, yet I would rather by positive and naive than negative and unrealistic. In my work environment, I agree with the analysis of my personality type because I tend to get bored very easily and quickly and it does not help that I have a wicked case of ADD.

    Part Two: Balance Score: 9
    1. Professional/Academic Drive: 4
    2. Role of Expectations, Personal Life: 5
    3. Ability to balance: 4
    4. 9
    5. My balance score is a 9, so I am very close to a 10. I absolutely know what is keeping me from reaching the 10. Academically, I am not driven at all. Even since grammar school I have not had a strong motivation to succeed in school and always just wanted “B’s” and was more than happy with my average grades. Professionally, I am very driven. I have applied to more jobs than any of my friends and am more than ready to be financially and personally independent. Seeing as I graduate in a matter of weeks and will never be a student again hopefully my balance score could potentially reach to ten.

  15. Part 1
    INTJ- This excersise was phenomenal and really explained my personality to a T! As I was reading it, it really hit me that I am an introvert when all this time I would consider myself an extrovert and it also, so rapidly, put a pep in my entrepreneur step!

    Opinionall, I think all Entreprenurs should be INTJ’s. From the Keirsey description, I am a rational. we have an “insatiable hunger to accomplish our goals.” THIS IS ME!! When I want something, I get it and feel more accomplished if I worked hard to get it. the article also said Rationals make up 5 to 10 percent of the population and have shaped the world. We are exclusive! I feel honored, pressured, abd confident that my personality matches Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Marie Cure, and President Einshower.

    The Heiss article really hit home to me. INTJ are self confident and know what they want and how to get it. What manifest most in my life, bases on the articel, is that I know what I am capable of and I never lie to myself but I am not afraid to step over boundaries, which has made me successful. i never really knew that! Another trait was being a “perfectionist”. Before this survey, I thought of myself as being kinda a perfectionist but always dismissed this because my room is sometimes untidy. But according to the article, I AM! it staes that INTJ’s have a seeming sly endless capacity for improving anything that takes their interest. INtj can rise to the management roles, seize unseen opportunities, want people to make sense, and possess a trait combination of imagination and reliability. THATS ME!! I started my own org different from others, only associate myself with people who are valuable, and have a crazy imagination! And what makes this INTJ betters is that I share it with fellow INTJ’s like Michelle Obama, Susan B. Anthony, and Hannibal😉.

  16. Ooops, I forgot to add part 2.

    Balance score=8
    The #1 thing I can do and NEED to do to reach 10 is putting my personal life and professional life in order rather than meshing the two. Often time I wast time thinking about my future, personal future, when I really need to focus on the NOW. Just recently, while in a day dream, I was thinking about how may kids I will have and their names, then I realized that these future plans will not happen unless i perfect the current plans. I do believe it is ok to think 5, 10 years down the line to have some sort of goal but spending to much time one thing, isn’t ok.

  17. 1) ENFJ Although I took the test at the beginning of graduate school as was INFP. For me, I am always in the middle of all of these different personality tests and find them more annoying than helpful. It’s the difference of a few points for me to be a completely different category. The only part of this description with which I agreed, is that I can read people very well. The rest of which I did not identify with at all. In particular, the part saying I take on the beliefs of those around me. There could be nothing farther from the truth.
    2) a. 10 professional/academic drive. I would like to think that everyone is in business school for the right reasons would give themselves a 10. Why else are we here? It’s been my focus for the past two years, and now I have time off to “relax” and grown my personal life and don’t even know where to begin.
    b.6 personal life. I am in no way good at this. I am however fantastic at pretending to be. I get frustrated very easily and if I spend a day and accomplish nothing in my professional/organized life plan, I go nuts.
    c.7 Obviously, because of my low personal life score, I have trouble with balancing. Although oddly enough, the amount of time spent in each category is =. Because the level of success is not equal, I perceive success in my personal life to be lower while still maintaining more of a balance. Time is very valuable to me.


    I tried the “ability to humor and laugh at self” characteristic on this weekend. When I was reading out the list to my boyfriend and I said I was going to try this one because I don’t think I do it, he said “darn right you don’t, it’s straight to the nut house for you.” I smiled thinking to myself, see, I CAN laugh at myself. And then I got angry. Again, I am great at faking it, but for those who know me well, see right through it, and will most likely have to deal with it later. I tried for the weekend to just relax and take it all in stride. What I learned is distinguishing between an appropriate situation to laugh at yourself and a situation that should just be left alone. You don’t always need to laugh at your mistakes, but you don’t also need to always be so serious and take everything to heart.

  19. Part One:
    ENFJ- Extroverted 78, Intuitive 75, Feeling 25, Judging 33… not a big surprise! At first I’m like judging?! Feeling?! But when I think about them as compared to Thinking and Perceiving I suppose they are true. I agree overall with the statements. I find the Jung classification of ENFJ as teachers very interested. I have always said to myself that I would like to teach as my retirement job. I enjoyed tutoring in my first few years at GW and really enjoy finding new ways to help people understand concepts, events, and ideas. I love analogys and I love being creative and designing new things. I have so much else I’d like to do in life but it is interesting that ENFJ lands me here! Clicking at the bottom on the links to jobs- it says non-profit directors, managers, and executives… so I think I’ve got my bases covered!! The quote by Rene that says “I need to feel that I am making a difference” resonates loud and clear.

    Part Two:
    Personal Drive: 4
    Expectations: 5
    Ability to balance: 3.5

    I need to work on getting my priorities straight. On figuring out exactly what I want and going after it. I think that my ability to balance the two would be better if I could find figure myself out a little better- listen to my intuition, my gut and go with that. Once I knew what I wanted I could really push that drive to a point of achieving. I think its because I’m in a very uncertain place in my life- I’m scared and I feel like I can’t see clearly. So I’m taking it one step at a time. Hopefully once I have graduated I can focus more on figuring out my personal/professional goals.

  20. ENFJ – Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging

    1. I agree with Keirsey’s description of me as a teacher. For me, it is definitely a priority to have a sense of what other people are feeling. From being a coach, private instructor, to a sales person, having an understanding of a student’s or customer’s feelings is important to me.

    2. Professional/academic drive – 4
    Expectations for your personal life – 5
    Ability to balance the two arenas – 3
    Double your score – 6
    Balance score = 6

    In order for me to get to a 10, I truly believe I need to one day start my own business. I really feel that I am a unique person and most creative when I have the freedom to express myself. When I am working for someone else, I often feel hushed or not appreciated for my authenticity. Therefore, I lose sight of my creativity and self-motivation. I think I can bring more to the table when I have more job autonomy and ability to think freely. I believe there is a place where art can exist at work, if our minds our able to open up to it.

  21. 1. ESFJ, “Guardian Portrait of the Provider”
    – slightly expressed extravert
    – moderately expressed sensing personality
    – distinctively expressed feeling personality
    – moderately expressed judging personality

    I agree with some of the descriptions – I do enjoy helping people, like being in charge, and will avoid conflict. However, I don’t think that I’m a very sympathetic person and I’m certainly am not the perfect hostess.

    2. Balance score: 10
    I’m fairly happy with my life. Through experience and lessons learned, I’ve trained myself to relax and remember to see the bigger picture. When I forget to relax or have issues managing stress, then my family reminds to think long-term and encourages me to exercise. This usually clears my head and puts things back into perspective.

  22. Part 1: ISFJ
    I agree completely with Kiersey and Heiss’s interpretation of my classification. Kiersey described me as having a primary interest in the safety and security of others while Heiss characterized it as the need to be needed. I also can agree that at times I feel taken advantage of but at the same time, if I need something done, I am much more comfortable doing it myself than leaving it up to someone else. These statements are rather contradictory and have been a party to many arguments in my personal relationships. Particularly with my boyfriend, I often get annoyed when having to make dinner but then when he offers to make it, I say “no, no, I’ll do it myself”. The points that Kiersey and Heiss bring up are all so incredibly true and are often the reasons for my lack of confidence in my entrepreneurial abilities.

    What’s interesting is the points about being family oriented. I was raised very independently of my parents and it has made me yearn for a more cohesive, tight-knit family of my own rather than regret not having that growing up. My sister and I have always talked about how we will raise our families close to eachother and create the big family that we subconciously always wished we had.

    I have always been very loyal and at times it has put me in bad situations. Sometimes I do let people walk all over me which is what makes it so hard for me to stand up as a leader. In my business fraternity my leadership role is one that has no subordinates and makes no reports during meetings. I chose this role to be a leader without having to lead. This is definitely something that I need to work on, but something that will take time to change.

    Part 2:
    academic/prof. drive: 5
    personal life: 5
    balancing the two: 3.5

    I think for right now, I need to get my priorities in order. I am extremely driven in the sense that my decisions in life are all based on future goals. I hate wasting time and money on things that won’t put me where I want to be in the future: owning a successful business and having a big family and a lively personal life. I am convinced that I can have all three. I think the #1 thing I could do to get to 10 would be always weigh my options in my personal and academic/professional life. If going to an event over spending time with my boyfriend will push me further down my path, then that’s what I will do. On the other hand, if spending that extra hour with my boyfriend will help strengthen our relationship for the future, then that’s just as important. It all depends on the circumstance.

  23. Part 1: ENFJ

    I’ve taken this assessment before, and was not surprised to be deemed an ENFJ again. This summer I worked with two other ENFJs, and one of them pegged me as one before I even took the test! Plus, as recently as last week, one of my former coworkers sent me an email describing why I was the ultimate ENFJ. To be honest, there isn’t a single thing that doesn’t match me well in the ENFJ description, and it’s a little frightening. In general, I am responsible, warm, a good communicator, excellent at building relationships and a self starter–all of which are ENFJ characteristics. Furthermore, I often find myself in a mentoring role, also typical of ENFJs.

    Note: I just went through and read the ENFJ description one more time to see if I was missing anything. Yet again I was blown away by this inventory’s accuracy. From reading the other posts it sounds like it doesn’t always work as well, so I’d be interested to hear about reasons for variations in the accuracy of results. Also, ENFJs are usually rare, and I thought it was interesting that we have so many in this class! I remember reading that ENFJs have great potential to become excellent entrepreneurs, so maybe this class attracts them!

    Part 2: Balance Score 8

    Personal Drive: 4
    Expectations for Personal Life: 4
    Ability to Balance: 4

    I used to have a real problem finding work/life balance, but this semester I have made a concerted effort to find “me” time. I’ve done this mostly through using my planner and waking up earlier, so that there are more hours for me to fill. I’m not sure it’s possible to reach a 10, because I always find myself switching between whether I am going to focus more on work or more on personal matters. If this was a little less nebulous, I might be able to prioritize and have a better ability to effectively find balance.

    Aside: Did anyone else notice that the example for how to compute your score reads 4=smiley face with sunglasses? I thought that was hysterical–if only all math were like that!

  24. 1. INJF: Although I didnt agree with everything they said in the description, this phrase “INFJs hold deep convictions about the weightier matters of life” really resonated with me. I also found it very scary that Heiss says: NFJs, like their fellow intuitives, may be so absorbed in intuitive perceiving that they become oblivious to physical reality. The INFJ under stress may fall prey to various forms of immediate gratification. Awareness of extraverted sensing is probably the source of the “SP wannabe” side of INFJs. Many yearn to live spontaneously” and it COMPLETELY describes me. I really wish I had the knack for fluency in language Heiss talks about.

    Balance Score: 7
    academic/prof drive: 4
    personal life: 3.7
    ability to balance: 3.5

    I am currently at a place where I find myself constantly saying ‘i need to get my life together.’ If there was one thing I could do to get to a 10 (besides taking two weeks off with literally no obligations to actually get my life together) is be a better planner so that I can maximize the time I spend trying to get things done and finding ways to effectively combine things. As an example, I cant decide whether I am more efficient doing work alone or sitting in the library with friends. I am easily distracted so i feel that even when I am by myself I would take unnecessary breaks, which leads me to rationalize that if I am at least going to be distracted, I might as well be distracted with friends, especially because during the day I barely see anyone. I have yet to determine what is most effective.

  25. 1. ENFJ – I found the test to be extremely interesting. There are aspects of the description that I can definitely relate to, however, there are some that are not descriptive of my personality. For example, I agree with the assessment that I like things to be settled and structured – as I have discussed before, I like things to be planned in advance and don’t easily adapt to change. If I make a commitment or plans, I will always do my best to honor these plans. I am also pretty in tune with people’s emotions, allowing me to easily manipulate situations in my interest. Additionally, I easily communicate, express my feelings, and read situations. However, the description lists a high level of tolerance for people as a characteristic, but I often find that my impatience keeps me from being very tolerant at times. This is definitely something that I would like to work on. Additionally, I think my impatience prohibits me from being a “teacher” as the description suggests. Overall, I think the description is pretty accurate – with a few minor flaws.

    2. Level of professional/academic drive: 4.5
    Level of expectations for personal life: 3
    Level of ability to balance them: 3
    I have always had a tendency to put my professional drive ahead of my personal life. My desire to succeed has always outweighed most other aspects of my life. I often panic if I feel like I am not doing something productive with every minute of the day – this clearly affects my personal life and relationships. I think the best way for me to increase my score to a 10 is to relax and accept that a healthy personal life is essential if I want to succeed without losing my mind in the long run. I need the social support of friends and family and by putting my career aspirations above all else, I may risk pushing them away. I need to accept that some leisure time is necessary, and that I don’t need to fill every minute of my day with something productive.

    I decided to try on “Optimism, even in the face of failure” under self-management. I definitely have trouble remaining optimistic is I continually fail in one area. This causes me to doubt some of my talents and second guess myself. I find myself doing this a lot lately, as I have been applying to jobs since December yet still have no set plans for after graduation. Five months of submitting job applications and resumes unsuccessfully can be very trying and it has been hard to remain hopeful. Recently, I have been slacking in terms of continuously pushing my resume and looking for different opportunities. However, over the weekend, I was able to sit down and work out a list of different types of career opportunities that would be of interest to me, different companies and organizations that fit these descriptions, and a list of every place I had already applied. From there, I began contacting individuals within human resources department at the various locations and sending out my resume. I also reworked my resume a bit, forcing me to remind myself of my qualifications. The process definitely helped me gain some of the lost confidence but I am doubtful as to how long the optimism will stay in place. Regardless, I will continue to “try and try again” – however, this is more out of necessity than optimism.

  27. ENFP
    Almost everything sounded like me so there must be some truth to it. For example, I have a passion for novelty and like to do and try many hobbies, jobs, and I love to travel. I easily get bored and go searching for some new experience.

  28. Balance Score:
    professional/academic drive – 2
    level of expectations for your personal life – 5
    balance – 2
    double – 4

    To get a 10 for me is unrealistic. I have to be very involved in an area to do well in it. It’s either one or the other and personal life is more important in the long term. A possibility is if a miracle happens and the two sections in my life become seamless and smooth.

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