Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership

October 8, 2008

This is the blog for GWU’s Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership class.  We will be utilizing this blog for class projects during the Spring Semester in which Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership (MGT 191/290) is offered.  Individuals  following along with this class virtually will also have access and are free to share  comments.

Navigate by clicking on the class session summaries to the right.  Summary pages have links to all assignments.

Syllabus and Course Grid are below. They are updated frequently.

2009-welsyllabus_v5 (uploaded 4.12.09)
2009_wel-course-grid_v6 (uploaded 4.12.09)


The WEL Laptop Code:

On my honor – and out of respect for my classmates who will benefit from my full attention, feedback, and my great mind –  I promise, that I have a laptop in class ONLY for notes and NOT for surfing the internet, finishing an assignment, or defragging my hard drive. I recognize that we have a special culture in this class, and that I will work to preserve this culture by creating a sense of trust achieved only though my attention, interest, and dedication of mental real estate.


Who takes the class? Business and non business majors, undergraduate and graduate, from the George Washington University as well as other universities in our learning consortium. Entrepreneurs are sought out as speakers and mentors for the class. In interested, please email the instructor or join the Facebook group (link at bottom)

When:  Spring Semester 2009, Thursdays, 11.10 to 1.

Where: Duques.

Why: GW’s WEL class is the recipient of a National Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education award which led to a ranking of the GWSB entrepreneurship program in Fortune Small Business.

Who: The class will be taught by Kathy Korman Frey, adjunct professor, a co-developer of the WEL class, and founder of the Hot Mommas Project research initiative.

Enjoy the company of future leaders, and the opportunity to discover and map out personal leadership options for the future. BUSINESS MAJORS AND NON BUSINESS MAJORS WELCOME

If interested in learning more:

Email the instructor

Join the Facebook group for updates and resources


Class press and links:

CEO of ME Inc – Washington Post Magazine Article



http://www.welgwu.wordpress.com – class blog



Hot Mommas Project cases will be used in the class. Students and members of this group will also participate in exclusive Hot Mommas Project curriculum previews and beta tests. Click here for more on the Hot Mommas Project: www.HotMommasProject.org


A Thank You to Mentors for The George Washington University School of Business Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Class

April 27, 2009

During the 2009 Spring Semester, students in the Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership class at the George Washington University School of Business were matched with mentors.  The students had to complete a mentor interview, as well as a project in which the mentor and student interacted. A minimum of three communications and a written report are due as part of the assignment.  The comments, below, detail information about each student’s  mentor and a summary of what they gleaned from their mentor experience.

Thank you to all of our 2009 Spring Mentors.


Session 12: SUMMARY

April 9, 2009

Here you will find information and links on final assignments.  First, here is the PPT from today:  SESSION 12 PPT (Assigned presentation dates are in here and emailed)

1. April 9, 16, 30 Presentations

  • Remember – this is a PRESENTATION. Don’t forget to engage audience. READ THE SCORING SHEET HERE.
  • Presentations will be 5 minutes plus up to 5 minutes Q&A
  • Presentations should be in PPT. Handouts are your decision.
  • Professional attire.
  • Presentations should include the following sections:
    • The idea – What is your idea. Brand it. Refer to it by name. Make it real, make it clear.
    • The market served – Who is it for? How are they served by this product/service? (Draw on Industry/Market Sections).
    • How it is different/better (competitive advantage) (Have you surveyed people? How much do you know about your market. This really shows your work.)
    • Implementation and harvest snapshot – Highlights of financials ( Start up funding requirement and first year revenue), team / advisors, marketing highlight, key milestones, and exit plan (if any).
    • More time? Other/special sauce –If, in practice, you are under 5 minutes – add additional special elements.

2. April 30 Part 2 of 2: Mentor report due

See extra credit link at right column.

  • Part 1 – mentor interview, due today (4/9).  Include your top takeaways and other bonus items as addenda (e.g., detailed Q and A, bio, etc.). Feel free to be creative, but no fluff.
  • Part 2 – write up the project you did with your mentor, as well as  interactions with the mentor.  Follow format in sample. Again, feel free to be creative.

3. May 12 feasibility plan due

Compile ALL sections. Polish, format. Bring to Funger 315 during day and sign by your name at turn-in.

  • Final plan due on or before May 12 (last day of finals).
  • Your final executive summary (redrafted) will be in this document.  Your draft exec summary should have been turned in today (4/9).

Want final input on your feas plan? KKF must have via email by April 20

4. Grad student book club

PPT book report. Email to KKF by or on April 16.  It will be posted on the blog after completion.


5. Extra Credit

See extra credit link at right column. To do extra credit to make up for a missed class, see column. Post your extra credit there and email link to KKF with subj: “Extra Credit.” Extra credit accepted through April 30, midnight.


Please be sure to email your mentor the following information


Dear _________,

All mentors are invited to the Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Salon Series coffee from Thursday, April 30 from 9 to 12. Here is the agenda.  Please RSVP to Kathy at Frey@gwu.edu if you haven’t already. There are other opportunities to attend class on the 16th, and the 23rd as well if the 30th doesn’t work.

9:00 Coffee

9:30 Speaker

10:30 Student presentations

11:30 Networking

12:00 Conclusion

If you come on April 16 or April 23, class is from 11.10 to 1 in Duques 255. Students will also be making presentations on these dates.

Duques: Enter Duques on 22nd between G and H (closer to the corner of G and 22). The stairs to 2nd floor (255) are directly in front of you upon entering the building.  The elevator bank is to your left.

Park: Park in the garage between H and I on 22nd.

Time and date: April 30 Salon Series Coffee is from 9 am to 12. The exact room will be confirmed  prior. April 16 and 23 classes are in room 255 from 11.10 to 1.



Session 11: SUMMARY

April 2, 2009

First, for your Virtual Quiz – blog here (on Session 11 Summary page) about  takeaways from 4/2 speaker series


Below are the assignments discussed in Session 11

Session 11 PPT LINK


1. Milestone (1pg), Harvest (1 paragraph), and Executive Summary (2 pages-draft 1)


See PPT for section guidance

2. Read:

  • Essentials Chapter 7
  • Woodie Neiss, FlavorX case
  • Other readings on blog


3. Skill Building: Emotional Intelligence and Balance. Online Survey.


4. Provide online feedback: Peer forum-Maria & Evelina


5. Mentor Interview – interviews are DUE

See right column for assignment info. Key takeaways are MUST have. Optional “hit it out of the park” items include addendum of questions asked, bio, and other detail. Maximum 3 page report (excluding addenda)









Session 11 Assmt: Peer Forum

April 2, 2009


4. Provide online feedback: Peer forum-Maria & Evelina

Act as a peer mentor / forum member / personal board. Read the following two cases and provide advice to each on this post as a comment before the next class. See GUIDELINES at bottom.





1. Place the words “Student case” before your tagline (http://www.HotMommasProject.org. Login and go to “my cases” and click “edit” if you have not done this. The tagline can be changed in step 3.)

2. If you do not want this case to come up in a search engine, or for other priacy reasons, REMOVE YOUR LAST NAME FROM YOUR CASE. This is up to you, but, please know this case is out there just like a blog.



– If you have advice: Use “I” statements. Share experience, not advice. Your feedback should share similar experiences and what you did, not “you should” advice for the case protagonist. Share what you feel comfortable sharing.

– If you have comments in praise or how the case impacted you – feel free to share.

– Place the protagonist first name prior to your answer

– Type “WEL” in front of your first name in the name section of the comments form

– Give it some mental real estate

Peer cases for this week (recommendation – LOG IN FIRST):

Find on www.HotMommasProject.org case library or click on names below:
You can sort by “title” in the library which will order by author’s first name.

You will need to log in to see the entire case and benefit from the full features (appendix, discussion questions, Facebook links, etc.)

GW WEL Students: Type “WEL” followed by your first name in the name form. NOTE: If any information is confidential, let Prof Frey know and we will create a separate confidential blog.


TO DO: PRESENTERS (i.e., Your case is being read/presented)



1. How did the forum’s (class) comments help you?

2. Any specific takeaways that stand-out?

3. Any action steps you will be taking as a result.?

Again, post it after class to ensure you are the LAST post.


Session 11 Assmt: Skill Building

April 2, 2009


3. Skill Building: Emotional Intelligence and Balance. Online Survey.


  1. Review the Emotional Intelligence Article and PPT



  1. Take the test at the following link, click “do it” at bottom left of link


  1. Read the write ups (Keirsey and Heiss) and blog about your agreement or disagreement with the classification. Start your post with the 4 letter type. Give a specific example of how at least one of the traits manifests in your life.

EXTRA CREDIT: “Try on” a new or desired behavior mentioned in the emotional intelligence PPT. Blog about your experience. TITLE it “EXTRA CREDIT” and send the link to Professor Frey.

PART 2 Exercise: “Getting to 10.”

Complete the following balance exercise and blog as part 2 of your post.  1 is the lowest, and 5 is the highest.

  1. Rate your level of professional/academic drive from 1 to 5 (e.g., desire to do well in school, pursue a career, have positive power/influence)
  2. Rate your level of expectations for your personal life from 1 to 5 (e.g. pursuing personal interests; role as daughter, partner/spouse, etc)
  3. Rate your ability to balance the two arenas from 1-5.
  4. Then, double your score (e.g., 4 = 8)
  5. Blog about the #1 thing you think you could do to “get to 10.” If you are at 10, blog about the number one thing that allows you to be there. Start the comment for Part 2 with “BALANCE SCORE: _____(number)”





Session 11 Assmt: Reading

April 2, 2009

Chapter 6,  “Work” Kent Nerburn Book “Letters to My Son.”



Session 10: SUMMARY

March 26, 2009

Session 10 PPT Link


First: Under Session 10 Summary page (this page) – please blog your takeaway you stated in class today.

1. Management and Operations Plan Draft


2. Read: (bios of speakers)
–         Ways women lead by Judy Rosener
–         Why can’t men lead like women by Appelbaum and Shapiro
–         Hot Mommas Project research blurb


3. Skill Building: Leadership Styles & Time Management


4. Provide online feedback: Peer forum – Jennifer & Laura


5. Mentor Interview – first collection of interviews
Follow instructions from Session 9 to complete mentor interview.  (Sample included at following link). You have until April 9. Early turn ins accepted April 2. See interview sample (Part 1 of Mentor assmt) and project write up  sample at column, and imbedded in post below. Part 1 due 4/9, 2 due 4/30.



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